Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Uighur Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changji in Xinjiang Uighur Temple is the only region of northern Uighur temple ruins, the grand-scale, unique style. Block temples south, 70.5 meters long from north to south, east 43.8 meters wide, a total of 15 holes niche, side hall in a palace 8, the Treasury 4, 5 Sengshe, the formation of a courtyard off. 14.3 meters high in the main hall of residual High-side hall in a palace 0.2-4 m range residual. To the north on both sides of the main hall lined with two layers from top to bottom hole Buddha. Side hall in a palace, many things still plastic Buddha, in which the Buddha, Bodhisattva, Rohan, King, the Lion of God may seem to argue, with a Wofo, up to 9 meters for Zunie as the Buddha, the image of realistic, lifelike. Wofo there is an opposite wall paintings Fine art work, colorful Uighur letter word, clearly visible. West side hall in a palace of the Buddha sitting or standing or plastic, and different modality. At that time, reflecting the degree of development of Buddhist culture. Uighur temple murals, one can not, mostly in the form of light and drafting, Nongmo red soil or alignment. To sketch the main line, more than enough color plain elegance To yellow, red, ocher, such as the main color, skilled technique, unique idea, after all, the ancient art. At present, Temple Uighur Autonomous Region has been listed as key protection units. Each year, attracted a large number of archaeologists and tourists, Xinjiang has become a well-known tourist attractions.

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