Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tomb Shirengou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

On the Arab-Israeli Shatwan Shirengou tomb of rubble at the Hot Springs County, Xinjiang Bole Hara cloth called NATO Town, 25 kilometers on the Arab-Israeli Shatwan grassland, the distribution of more intensive Shirengou burial mounds, the graves of these shapes of the different specifications, Front round, square, and round in the rain outside with gravel into place, "the shape of radiation", a total of as many as several hundred. At Some of the graves, two things more than 500 meters away from the tomb of rubble Shirengou, to the east of the north east for Shirengou 5, 1.45 meters higher than the ground for full-body statue of the rock Beibaisha, a round face, big Head, eight-character beard, dressed in anti-coat lapel, waist line broadband, Cup holders the right hand, left-handed stick a knife, wearing a neck collar, enough to push Paper , The belt has also wear a small knife, carved precise method. Shirengou about 4 meters behind, with a few hundred pieces of gravel put into the irregular square, 12 meters long from north to south, east 9 meters wide. Square adjacent to the west, by way of varying the size of two rows of stones piled wall, 11 meters wide north-south, from east to west 45 meters, Xinjiang in other parts of the tomb of rubble Shirengou quite rare. To the west of Shirengou 96 cm above the ground is thick with lines engraved knives from the Qing gravel quality, facing east. Shirengou most of the others are not clear off, only see the head yet complete, with the exception of no beard, more or less above the eastern side of a Great minds think, is also behind square. In the days before the Arab-Israeli Shatwan Shirengou tomb of rubble East is a 5 km high, there is a north-south rows a total of 7 mounds, each about 7-9 meters ranging from rocks, build big pebbles on the ground Surrounded by large gravel around the wall as Qiqi the same square or circular array, the square on each side about 35 meters, the circular array of about 1 week 0 meters or so. Whether round or square matrix, two rows of parallel large pebbles are all from the 1-meter, very neat. East and 4 km, the distribution of the 50 multiple square or round of the Standing Stones, here's side, the circular array, both of the above-mentioned shape, with one-way and piled the gravel with a diameter of 5-7 meters in the general range. Some of the external Stones There is a surface of the artificial production of about 1 meter-long stone, is clearly intended to set up, may be the tomb of rubble in the early Shirengou shapes.

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