Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hara heat map grid - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bortala Bole, Xinjiang in the northwest city of the gory depths of Allah, there is a pleasant Bishu Four Seasons Resort - har heat map grid. "Hara heat map grid" which means "black birds with a place to come and go." This is a distance in the urban areas in the northwest Xinjiang Bole more than 40 km outside of a Grand Canyon, 100 meters wide. About 20 km. Sea 1350 meters. Dongnuanxialiang here, the scenery of the seasons, the most pleasant summer. Four Seasons is always flooded back turbulence heat grid map of the Hara and the river, beautiful Qifeng, winding streets, spruce green, verdant white birch, gurgling spring, Greenfield echoed that wind around the clouds, Jade, dance goshawk, green everywhere, can not be undone Zhanfang Wave. Duige playing shepherd boy. Picturesque scenery is an ideal summer resort tourism. Summer and fall season, and Ta Song comparable white birch, mountain stream flows ming of the birds with. More Yixian Tian, Liang Ya confrontation, as much as 100 meters, Cliffs was olecranon peck on the trend, however, a few meters Department narrow, cliff between Yun Chi fog Gone with the Wind, water hammer Goudi cliff. Root mainstay hit from layers of spray. Bangshui road wear and rock, cliff-top pressure is not falling. Cliff root several caves, a small room for those who were small flat, as if those houses. Blue Sky goshawks have to take off, go inside a small animal. Winter and spring season, the ice hole shoots, Bing Bao, crystal, or Qianjiaobaimei, simple or magnificent; slope Ta Song green, cattle and sheep flocks, Cliff Zhanbao banks of little huts, smoke curl upwards. Immersive, relaxed and happy, as if aloof on earth. Bridge to Canyon, a total of seven bridge, each of the natural landscape features and attractive. From the entrance of a bridge into the mountains, majestic mountains strange, mountain-filled clouds, snow Very top. Hillside thick pines, Greenfield off. Yang Hua bottom Congcong, such as green blanket, Yamahana wild man. More, "Yi Xiantian," "shoot the ice hole," "Pan Longshan" natural wonders, extraordinary momentum. Give the blue sky as the first washing, white goshawks, and refrain from over. As a humble cut cliff, rolling water, gushing rushing. Looking layer Do dye, green everywhere. Near Zhanfang see smoke, the shepherd boy to play, Kolin between birds. There are birds of prey Canyon Shanzhen, expensive medicines and so on.

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