Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oil and Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Karamay Oil Black Mountain: Black Hill is located in Karamay oil in the Northeast, more than two kilometers away from downtown, is an important oil field outcrop Miller, as a result of long years of oil spills to form a group of asphalt hill, the largest 13 meters high, covering an area of 0.2 square kilometers, For the valuable low-quality oil condensate oil.

  "Karamay" My Victoria For the words "black oil", so the natural oil and asphalt hill named after the black oil Hill. The black asphalt of the Hill, as well as it buried underground oil have been sleeping here in the last million years. Due to changes in the earth's crust, rocks have broken fracture, underground oil formation pressure by the influence of rock fissures to the surface continuously leaking oil in some of the light Made the remaining thick liquid with sand and oil condensation Duicheng the mountains around the deserted due to poor environmental conditions for thousands of years it was not great importance. Until the liberation, a Cypriot called Limu of Uighur according to the Palestinian people, the deduction for the first time a black ring Aburayama door next to him in the mountains to take a JINWOZI in low-lying land to fish for crude oil, riding a donkey Back to us in the mountains and black oil, black oil in exchange for daily necessities, local people used to light a lamp oil, cream, and other axle.

  To carry forward the spirit of hard work, Xinjiang Petroleum Administration Bureau and the city of Karamay October 1, 1982 in the oil and Hill set a nearly 3-meter-high stone monument and an old Uighur The Heat play Jizhaomaolv Wapu statue. Built in 1983 from the museum to the history of mining and oil mountain road asphalt and concrete parking lot, also reached the top of the stone building.

  Oil and Shan people of all ethnic groups has become a revolutionary traditions of education and to commemorate the visit of the resort.

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