Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wu Caiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Caiwan: Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in Jimsar County North, in the midst of the Gobi desert in a colorful bin disorderly world, it is strange, mysterious, magnificent and well-known for the Wucai Wan. This is a masterpiece of nature. For thousands of years, due to the movement of the earth's crust, where the formation of a thick coal seam, after several years, to cover The sand erosion by wind and rain, so that the seam exposed in the thunder and lightning and the effects of the sun burning away on the formation of the bizarre nature of the landscape.

Wu Caiwan like a color scene of modernist painting, a high hill side Damiri's colorful legislation during the whole shape like a A Technicolor Dreamcoat, as the plane eastern and quiet beauty. Another side of the peak, Shaoai, like girls, and unaware of their Isshiki, dependent Xiang Wei, Ke Pan as a return of their loved ones away. Wu Caiwan the landscape and downs, Qi rocks, thousands, or such Python Wanting; or like a mighty lion; or as elegant ladies; Linglong or may pagoda; Confusing people, we could attend. Dusk falls, high-sighted, the entire Wu Caiwan by sunset light, such as the fiery blaze, you feel an upsurge of emotion, emotional

Wu Caiwan not only magnificent scenery, but also a treasure house of natural and storage of rich oil resources and a large amount of gold, pearls, agate, Britain, iron, aluminum, zinc and so on more than 20 kinds of minerals. Desert vegetation in the area was also taken up residence a donkey, chukars, and other rare birds and animals. In addition, there are many dinosaurs such as the ditch, woods, gold and other natural landscape and human landscape. Wu Caiwan worthy of a perfect tourist destination.

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