Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Changji old course of the car division - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Far in the Han Dynasty, the Western Regions of the car division is divided into before and after the two countries. Front of the Southern Xinjiang Turpan in the capital, that is, Jiaohegucheng. Then cross the North River and the two chambers of the Chinese car division to communicate information, trade products, Summer winter, usually from Turpan to cross the Tian Shan Shi yaozi Jimsar up to the Osaka. This is a well-known North-South - , Later known as the old course of the car division. In the ancient Silk Road, business and the armed forces from the east across the southern border into the northern Tianshan Mountains, there are many mountain roads of access, but the most convenient vehicle division or the old course. This reduces the mountain road from south to north and the mileage, a lot of post along the way, and therefore very busy. Now, the car division is still the old course It was access. Jimsar and Turpan both small traders, and occasionally through the sale of seasonal products this way. Turpan is also often the sheep from here and Fan Shan, the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains to grazing. The old course of a narrow vehicle Surveyors Department, less than two meters wide, winding streets and beautiful scenery. There are sites along the ancient fortress, a mountain torrent Falls There is a large body, realistic image of the prairie Shirengou. According to experts, research, the grassland is Shirengou the Sui and Tang Dynasties era tomb of China's Turkic Family logo, the tomb that is not far behind.

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