Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rock Dushanzi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rock City is located in Dushanzi miquan Bo Yang Kazakhstan ethnic Dushanzi River Village. Rock paintings are mainly located in Dushanzi in the southern slopes of the Shek Pik and the collapse of the black surface of the stone from the foot of a mountain of rock to the top of the cliff, about 20,000 square meters of rocks on the slope of the distribution of various types of rock paintings of the subject matter, a total of less than Yier Bai group. Rock Also extremely rich in content, not only on the screen engraved with sheep, camels, deer, horses, dogs, bears, cattle, wolves, wild boar, and other animals, but also the raw performance of the nomadic hunting, grazing, reproductive and religious beliefs of the original, and many other life??. Among the most representative groups. The first group is located in the southeast corner of the base of the Dushanzi On a huge block of rock. The stone was cuboid decumbens on the ground, tilting slightly to the west, but the hard railways was a black stone surface smooth. At 3 meters wide, 4 meters high, covered with all kinds of animals, like the sun, the moon and its preferred symbol unknown. In the lower right corner of a piece of rock as a result of crack and peel in the early 1988 theft The upper part of the picture there are those who ride the image, there are sheep, dog, horse, and other animals, especially horses and designs the most.

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