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Tourism Changji - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in the Tianshan Mountain, south-east edge of Junggar Basin and Hami areas to the east, west Shihezi City, South and Turpan regions, Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture adjacent to the north and Tacheng and Altay region bordering Mongolia and Northeast China Junction, is the world-famous ancient "Silk Road" of the new North Road leading to Central Asia The only way for European countries.

Changji has a long history of the six, Qi Qiannian before the New Stone Age, Mori Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in the territory along the river have been the original human hunting. Year 3 at the beginning of the century to the mid-6th century, the territory has a higher vehicle, the Turks, Xi Tujue nomadic tribe Tiele such as the Department of Resident In 800 AD, the Uighurs in the establishment of Gaochang Uighur Khanate, as the Court of the Northern Capital, since this has become one of the Hui live. The beginning of the thirteenth century AD, the Yuan dynasty in this Jimsar County lost another Bali-based line of chancery, the Uighur of the North-South reunification of the Tianshan, Xinjiang and neighboring regions into the political, military and cultural center Ji Jin House Jimsar County, North Old City Court.

Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains with the core of the regional economy, from the North East have three sides in Urumqi, capital of the autonomous region; Wu Lasi Taiwan has a national basis for a class port city in the country and sub-II port; away from Urumqi, capital city of Changji A time when the airport 18 km, the second Eurasian continental bridge, 312 National Highway, 216 National Highway, Ukraine spat large high-grade highways, expressways and Urumqi from the Asia-Europe fiber optic cable through the state, the East is linked to the Mainland, to the west in Central Asia, Europe's gold market access.

Changji low-lying South High North from the South East Northwest tilt, is the richest in the south of the Tianshan Mountain, central to the vast alluvial plain, to the northern part of the vast desert basin, the region along the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains in the south, used to call it "the northern slope of Tianshan Mountain." There are 1319 glaciers, covering an area of 1033 square kilometers. Changji strong light, the temperature difference between day and night, And Yi-rich wheat, corn, rice, cotton, sugar, oil, and a variety of melon fruit. Rich mineral resources. There are coal, petroleum, limestone, Glauber's salt, graphite, and so on more than 50 kinds of jasper, with high production value.

Changji unique tourism resources. Have The state-level tourist spots - the mountains Tianchi Lake, was built in the Han Dynasty in the Western Regions of the historic city of North Court House retaining all sites, since 3000, Culture and Sport Hutubi family history of the Shihmen primordial germ-rock worship, Asia The largest dinosaur fossil excavation place, the East's largest group of fossils of ancient forest and Mingsha Shan, the original Yang Lin, and other human and natural wonders.

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