Wednesday, December 17, 2008

North Zhuang Changji city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Changji North Gemayel Chuang-tzu the ancient city of the Tang Shou-line to catch the former site of the city, because it is located in Fukang City, Shiga mud-Rural-quan Zhuang north of the North, the North said Zhuang Old City. Because of Huangshan River, West River at this intersection, also known as the ancient city of Shuanghe. North Zhuang northern slope of Tianshan Mountains is located in the middle of the ancient city of alluvial zone. Fertile land here, the Chinese river, as early as the Spring and Autumn A little time, our ancestors had to reproduce here, nomadic. After the opening of the Silk Road, where traffic has become an important strategic pass. Slightly ancient city square, 240 meters long from north to south, east 230 meters wide, 4-6 meters high, broad-based 10-15 meters, Ben Zhu wall, built around the Arima area. Xinan Yu long and 40 meters wide, 30 The earth mound, the turret is a relic. South, the West can identify the remains of a moat, a width of 30-50 meters deep, about 2-3 meters. Formation of farmers in the vicinity of the amendments had dug Zhandao, iron brazier, Xiliao bronze mirrors, coarse red pottery, stone saddle-plate, stone, animal bones and a large number of TB Kaiyuan. Pottery mainly to Hui Tao, There are few coarse terracotta. Gray pottery for more than Sandy urn, and some deep belly near the bottom of the urn has piercing, 1 cm diameter or so. According to the data, there are at the bottom of this type of deep abdominal perforation of the urn in the Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, the yuan has been found in the ruins, and may be related to brewing. There are bronze mirrors unearthed in the ruins, Tang pieces, iron brazier. Broad shallow basin for the belly, three feet flat, with the Liao Dynasty similar to the brazier. Mirror diameter of about 5 centimeters and 12 cast sign of the Zodiac, the process more crude. According to the ancient cultural layer to reveal the content, the ancient city of the Yuan Dynasty was destroyed in the war. In the ancient city remains quite good, clean-up in a timely manner, that is bound to harvest. North Zhuang Autonomous Region is now included in the ancient city Protection unit.

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