Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Populus Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayingolin Autonomous Prefecture in China's longest inland river Tarim River, the distribution of the world's largest single source Populus forest parks, Hu Yanglin around the world have 10 percent in China, and China's Hu Yanglin There are 90 percent of the Tarim River in Xinjiang. Its ancestors had long ago????????far there have been Geologists have been referred to as "living fossils in the third century," the world's most ancient kind of poplar. Because it's old and original, and its historical value and have a documented history of the value of any material is not comparable. It "live a thousand years dead, 1,000 dead would not fall, it has not broken a thousand years" Grid of the great character to win people's respect and admiration, attracts many tourists longing, visual impact, coexistence, and images of the strong wish of good. This is the tree, constitute the main desert Populus Forest Park. In 1993 the national attention and support from relevant departments, approved the establishment of the Tarim River Populus desert country's first forest park. Taiwan, located in the round of the Taklimakan desert to the south, to fall back on the Tarim River Park, covers an area of 5,000 mu, flat desert habitat, such as oil roads, through parks within the park there are dance halls, karaoke ok Office, the Department of restaurants, hotels Department . Hotel reception to the Ministry of large-scale tourism Body. Swan Lake Park desert There are yachts, launches, boating visitors to the lake, where possible to watch the desert wonders of Swan Lake, the fishing boats can be, and feel it, "Jiang Taigong" the taste of fish, if there is interest in the tower overlooking Raritan, Spectacular desert oil fields burning in the desert day and night and the fire will make you marvel. Conform to the country Tourism market. "Return to nature" trend, and effectively for your travel to add a Wild Life. Now the world has more than 100 countries have more than 1,200 state-level forest park, but the desert Populus Forest Park, Forest Park in the number of unique, it has many advantages, will become the world's Lin Park in the best. Less than a desert, I do not know the vast heaven and earth, but I do not know Populus glorious life.

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