Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gan White House Haloxylon Lake Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gan Lin Haloxylon White House Lake Nature Reserve as a state-level nature reserves, the country's largest nature reserve for white persicum, 240-260 meters above sea level is located in the Lake basin, is the fourth century at the end of the last Ice Age Lake of the low-lying land before the formation of the natural landscape. Area of 82 hectares, is one of the world than The wild forest area and the largest white Haloxylon Lin. Protected areas on three sides Hill, a Lake basin, there are horses, deer, geese throat Ling, argali, wild boar, fox, hedgehog, azalea, white-feng lark, and the amount of shrike, diving birds such as wild animals, and refrain from being food, Play, the proliferation of habitat; Populus old deep-rooted, China Soares, A Better Tomorrow exposed desert; new Populus Climb, green and luxuriant, the Gobi Desert to bring immense vitality, is a rare landscape. Gan Lake home in the region to protect some areas completely retains the original form of nature. Here one can feel the hinterland of the Asian continent-specific features and King , To savor the interdependence between man and nature. Populus Xinjiang is one of the oldest rare tree species. It was praised as "heroic desert trees." Populus people praise the great vitality of the "Three thousand years", that is, alive and dead 1,000 years, 1,000 years after his death will not be brought down, reversing a thousand years is not bad.

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