Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thousand-Buddha Grottoes Jimsar - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Thousand-Buddha Grottoes is located in Changji Jimsar from the northern foothills of the Tianshan Jimsar County 5km south-west of the Loess Kong, a north Wookiee-de-sac with the same road, transportation construction facilitate the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes were rectangular east-west, the east Mountain Gate . Sit in the main hall east of the West, civil structures, North and South has two offers, building Zhuanmu There are brackets in the main hall for a hard-top construction, sub-before, during and after the three parts of the Church. Hall before the plastic has a high Zhang Xu Xiang Yizun Buddha Sakya, Chudo Miankuo 3, has drawn map Foshui Fa, 18 Ocean's statue, and so on; Hall after the plastic has a Wofo; three parts are closely linked, constitute a whole. Temple of the south-west up a stage for the temple The texture of the original troupe used by the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes was built in the Tang Dynasty, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes are built in the Qing Dynasty, to build four four-destruction. Now we see that in 1993 by the Council of the Buddhist fund-raising Jimsar built, with features in the history of the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes different. Murals, sculptures are modern artisans re-drawing sculpture. Thousand-Buddha Grottoes east and west sides for pre-and post-ditch, small stream trickling spring water features, the slope Goudi, Zashu problems. Around surrounded by low mountains, heavy rock cliff base. Jingxiangzhanbai come each year to receive the men and women and experts and scholars up to 2 million people. Lunar eight early in April each year, the six in June, people here such as the sea, great excitement. Qianfoensis Changji is now listed as state key cultural units, such as to be able to properly guide the use of tourism development prospects.

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