Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ho Teng Sarah Waterfall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the Bayanbulak grasslands, riding through the Stone Forest Kuikewusu, re-kilometer San Sishi, in a deep valley in the high mountains, clouds hung over the canyon Sarah Teng-ho on this 10 km long, however, less than half a kilometer wide The canyon, known as the "silver snow-capped mountains to practice" Ho Teng plateau Sarah Waterfall, about 30 m from the gap between the Yashangfeixie down, fall into the pit, scattered Yin-hua, filled with water, such as the sound of thunder. Ho Teng Sarah falls 3200 meters above sea level, Dingkuan 6 - 7 meters Dikuan 15 meters. Scenery around the falls, with the season vary. The depth of winter early spring, surrounded by snow snow falls, snow-wrapped, is the Crystal World. Sheng , On both sides of the falls, lush green pines Calocedrus, Yan flowers, sweet and elegant, Ji Wu San-yu, rainbow when empty, Shanmingshuixiu, fresh and pleasant.

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