Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Butterfly Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Xinjiang shuo and Bayingolin County, south of Tianshan Mountains, a scenic spots on earth, located in the rural Qu Hui, Qu Hui where there is a ditch, she has been running I do not know how many years, is the oldest place in the Western Regions in the Han Dynasty 36 One of the country was in danger, she should be moisture under the glorious moment, the valley Taniguchi trickling out of the Tianshan snow, a hundred Old trees - elm, mulberry, apricot, walnut, or stubborn or verdant sea buckthorn, Phi mixed brush, branches and leaves whirling. Every May, the Valley is even more fascinating scenery, golden apricots, sweet mulberry, Ta-Qing attracted many tourists, the hospitality Uighurs in the snow here to drink, eat roast mutton, chemicals Mulberry, singing and dancing. You Valley Environment , Hare, wild animals, such as Red-billed Alectoris time when it is hidden, some 20 kilometers away from the Valley of the imposing ruins of the Han Dynasty tomb group of large, ancient style faintly visible to the old Valley add a lot of mysterious color, is the study, exploration A good place. The most surprising is that in 4-6 months every year, there are only tens of thousands of red Butterfly, wind back dance, Pianfei Valley, the sky like leaves, trees, bushes, flowers, under the blue sky is full of groups of red butterflies, Xia Xiang is boundless, a little inattentive, butterflies will be people over Your arms, as if people went into fairyland dream, red butterfly valley be named. Red Butterfly Valley around the tree, flowers Open, clear spring streams, long grass Orioles fly and watch flowers, butterfly tours, summer, the Ta-Qing is the purpose of tourism, to watch for the local ethnic fighting cocks, sheep, fighting, wrestling, back-of-war, ethnic singing and dancing, archery, as well as to go mountain climbing, Adventure, archaeological tourism is the harvest. Visitors often come in person like a fairyland on earth, into the big Western Regions, into the Tian Shan Qi Yuan, and so be able to enjoy the exotic, is to enjoy life.

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