Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Changji original Hu Yanglin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang by the Mori Mingsha Shan northbound 30 km, we can see a green and luxuriant, Zhetianbiri the forest belt, and that is well-known Hu Yanglin original. It is said that this area of more than 30 square kilometers of Hu Yanglin at least 6500 years of history. Although the vicissitudes of life through wind and rain, but still maintained the old style of the original. Hu Is a very strong vitality of the original species, human-being as against the Desert Warriors. Tree height up to more than 20 meters. Qiu dry iron tree, Hu Ju-long set, the better the sublime, and there are layers of green leaves, or leaves of different shapes like round eggs, or state, such as willow, layer upon layer, airtight. Hu Yanglin into, is a blow against our faces The original flavor, you feel a primitive rhythm of life. Bang Bo that the upward momentum, to show you the indomitable spirit of that uncanny workmanship-like shape, so that the more you feel the splendor of nature. For thousands of years, their strong will to fight against the erosion of desert. Amazing, these steel frame Zheng's trunk, the shape of thousands, and some like the Youth Pre-employment Kunpeng, and some like Yang Ti horse, and the girl Xianqian such. It is a natural art palace. Wrote a poem: "The low number of deformation such as dragon and snake respectively, Hu Ju Gao Gang Xiong, such as squatting. Play God, such as Fox 9, fierce-looking, such as claw ZHANG Yecha teeth." Hu Yanglin beauty, which can be a little poetry Evident.

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