Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rocks scenic valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bortala valley rocks scenic spots located in the Xinjiang Bole City, about 48 kilometers north-east of the card-Ga according to animal husbandry in the ditch with a total area of 230 square kilometers, at an elevation of 780-1350 meters, the entire scenic area 18 km west extension , 13 km north-south width of the largest 22 km wide, can be the largest in Northwest China One of the community rocks. Jin Bang scenic bridge between Asia and Europe in the first customs port Pass, 26 km away from. Junggar Basin and adjacent Lake Lake, 30 km away.

Was more than scenic north-south and east-west spring streams cut to a stream of the main east-west tour Road. The entire area exposed rocks, craggy rocks, the outstanding nature of creativity to create unique charm of a magical world, and attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists come to enjoy the wonderland. Rocks scenic valley divided into the main area and the outlying area in two parts. The main scenic area of 142 square kilometers, a few of the main attractions Are concentrated here.

Rocks from the entrance to the valley, a foot of the mountain rocks of the flow of things winding road along the creek upstream, about 15 km in the East and West, North and South of 3 km wide, visitors can enjoy racing thoughts, to play a rich Imagination to appreciate nature Ax representing thousands of martial art created by the stones. Representative spots are feeding an elephant, Tengu Mochizuki, giant camel, stone monkey mother and son, the Sphinx rock, and so on-screen peacock open, there's like a castle, shiting, Buddhist and so forth hole.

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