Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lop Nur - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ruoqiang County north-east of Lop Nur, 780 meters above sea level, covering an area of about 3000 square kilometers, the Tarim Basin is located in the eastern part of the ancient Silk Road hub. Lop Nur in the ancient Western Regions is the most famous of the Great Lakes, the vast Yan Bo, fish fat shrimp the United States, due to the impact of human activities and ecological environment deterioration, 1972 , The Lop Nur dried up eventually. But now the Lop Nur is not a completely barren land, there Populus, Apocynum, the growth of licorice, and wild camels, red deer, wild boar, and other animals. Two thousand years, many foreign explorers are on an inspection tour to Lop Nur.

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