Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fossil ditch - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fossil groove: located in the Junggar Basin to the original sea, the coast is a dense virgin forest. After several changes in the crust, and other large areas of forest animals and plants have been buried deep under the ground into a post-fossil back to the surface, this fossil in the ditch, the distribution of the woods there is a spectacular forest of trees of various fossil seeds, fruits and a variety of animal fossils Stone.

  Gaochang Uighur Buddhist temple of the royal family (West Temple) of the local site known as the "Temple of the West", located in the north west of the Old City Court about 700 meters, the construction of large-scale, plastic arts of fine for similar sites in the northern seen. Block temples south, the main hall, side hall in a palace, and other things. Long from north to south 70 5 meters, 43.8 meters wide things, the main hall of residual more than 14 meters high. East side hall in a palace with a residual long sleeping Buddha of 13 meters, the first leg North and South peaceful sleep state, there is a large-scale "relic sub-map" mural, well-preserved. On the eastern side of the main hall and 15 shrines have been repaired, and each has Buddha Cave, the murals.

  Kannei Great minds think like a real person and the size. The content of the murals and more anti-withdrawal Luan Tan right there together Gaochang Uighur portrait of the royal family and their life support, such as inspection tours. Buddhist temple in the main hall of the Central Zuofo residue of about 10 meters high. North West Temple Court was built in the 10th century AD Gaochang Uighur period, destroyed in the flames of war in the early Ming.

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