Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kunas Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayingolin located in the state of Hejing County, kunas in the upper reaches of the river, the forest is the seat of kunas. The altitude here in the 1600 meters to 2400 meters, snow-capped mountains reflected in the lake, are Manshanbianye pine and wild flowers, is a hill of Aries groups, it is a great treasure house of animals and plants, frozen, Falcon, red deer, brown bear, and other animals living in them, but also produced snow lotus, Fritillaria, and other valuable medicinal herbs. Kunas four seasons, the scenery on a quarterly basis have a significant feature of the new green everywhere in the spring, summer flowers for release, Shuangda autumn leaves, winter snow-wrapped, and summer is a good tourist destination. And a kunas Al's first hot springs (36 km from the forest, the barrier car can be rented from the horse to kunas), where bathing is said to be able to play a fitness illnesses.

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