Thursday, November 27, 2008

Are all sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shangri-La is located 35 km north-east, more than 10 kilometers away from the Bitahai. Clear water, small fish swimming underwater, the most unique is a "Schizothorax" rare fish, which fish the abdomen with a thin crack. Zhetianbiri Lake is surrounded by trees, there is a lake in groups of cattle and sheep ranch, full of Tibetan Of life. Legend: "a" for the Tibetan cheese, "all" means stone. Ancient legend One monk travel far and wide to this, pastoralists cheese worship him, see he is more of the cheese farm, l. Kong is very strong, as a rock, wedding, so wish: "The cheese is ready to rock as always, like the knot "This is all gang got its name.

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