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Le sister urn - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Le urn sister, Dai said, "Mother-wide d", meaning "of header Bazi tower." It is located in the city of Ruili sister Le resident of the township government about 300 meters southwest of the mound, "320" from the National Highway through the next.

  Dai Wen According to history books, "fans shouted" ( "Golden Bear history" or "sister Falletta History") records: " Tower of Ma-La-Prince during the rule of the day, at night, found her prince Le luminous hills, the next day to find people found Youxiong, sparrows, ducks, cattle, the bones of seven people, he said to be the reincarnation of Buddha reincarnation 550 Times when he reincarnation as sparrows, ducks, cattle, bears, and other animals during the Le sister live, so people This tower also known as the "Golden Bear tower."
  There is also a more vivid folklore: ancient, Mao Meng dam tribal chiefs to sign away the land and water, from time to time of war. One year, when both sides play bloody, exhausted, hard to win points, from the South to a monk, he asked the two Emirates sister to Le representative of the small hill, he took out two different thickness of the bamboo tube is generally high, were painted red and black colors of two, on the ground in the legislature, he pointed to the sun under the shadow of Language bamboo tube length to Chongqing Said: "Although these two sections bamboo tube size, but it is the shadow of the two is generally high." Of chiefs of the two will be thinking about a , To understand the mind of the monks. So he drank the blood of the two words and wine. Since then, tranquil and peaceful development of the peace. To commemorate the success of the peace talks, the turning hostility into friendship tribal people here have established the first pagoda.
  1950 Falletta sister of the former Department of masonry structure, after Ganghunjiegou brick and tile paste. Tower Shek Kwu was like the first floor, second floor bell-shaped stone, above the five-to twelve-to-phase round. Lotus by Tasha Block Memorial composed of bottles. Tower is the highest metal umbrella Po, the weather vane. Buddhist temple and pagoda to build one, can also be a separate building. In 1966 as a provincial heritage conservation unit.

  Falletta sister does not have the time to build tower Test, the historians on the speed of tower Prince Philip Ma also failed to thoroughly research. October 1980 Market Tower clean-up, has unearthed a gold and silver rubbing together, 4.5 cm wide, 54.5 cm long, engraved above Daiwen small miniature: "This tower in the reconstruction of Buddhist calendar in 2300 (1756)." Since the earthquake, Violence and other reasons, the early years of the Republic Tower in 1803,1804,1860,1893 and 5th repair. Destroyed in 1966. From 1981 to 1986 reconstruction. Taji Ji, in accordance with the new tower and the original building, the Department of Ganghunjiegou. Taki round of 30 meters in diameter; 39.5 meters high main tower, tower Man-gold tiles; surrounded by 4 towers 2, 3, Tower 4, 4, Tower 8, the tower were painted gold; Tazuo Tazuo are tailor-made for the main brush for the white stone mortar; are highest tower of power Cheng Po-aluminum umbrella, the weather vane. It is not only ranks first in Dehong pagoda building and South-East Asia is one of the famous pagoda.

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