Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dawn City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yun Jinghong in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture is the state, a town of Jinghong County. "Jinghong-yun," Dai translated means "city of dawn" from a brave young people to overcome a demon, won a pearl, and pearl hanging in the palm tree, the big Fang Guangming, to drive away The dark and bring the dawn of the legend. Here, it was customary to call for "Dawn City." "City of dawn" in the Dai Tusi in the past is a place to live, Dai called it the "leading film called" translated means "the majority of the masters of the land." Dawn of the main city streets National Road, Dongfeng Road, in the driveway on both sides of the oil palm green corridor, be mixed with Bin , Mango, Bayeux, palm and coconut trees, distributed throughout the year with the sub-tropical and fragrant flavor. These two green corridor on both sides of the car and bike paths to separate, making the bustling traffic in an orderly Well. Between pedestrians, all walking in the bike on the sidewalk on both sides of the Road. From the East and West Cangjiang Road, is the dawn of the City Street. Songkran, the Red Phoenix on both sides of the street are in full bloom. The center of the busy streets, buildings and posts and telecommunications department store, the Xinhua Bookstore, the state-run hotels such as construction, spacious and bright spectacular pool in the center of the corner of the four Main Street toward the four different directions to stretch. Near the 10 km around the city Road, a wide flat, Phoenix roadside Me, Yinhua and oil palm, Lvlv red, just like a garland around the city of dawn. The Peacock Lake City, the state party building and state governments edge, green water ripple, the water lily in full bloom, quiet beauty, is a walking tour of the premises. City at dawn, can travel Huan-chun Park, and participated in the village of Dai folk water, to the free market to buy local products.

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