Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Man Pavilion Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Man Pavilion at the Buddhist temple in Jinghong City 2 km north of the city Department of the Lancang River Bridge to the north, close to the river bank near the Cayman Court Walled Village. Dai called "wa man ko", meaning as the central Buddhist temple. Surrounded by a Daijiazhulou Chuang Chuang and Bodhi, mangoes, betel nuts, and other broad-leaved tree surrounded by tall, typical for South-Theravada Buddhist temple, is in Xishuangbanna One of the temple. Temple was founded in 1477, at the site of the sites to the west of 1 kilometer. In 1598, at the time of Xuanwei Si Buddhists and raised capital for the gold, now in the reconstruction of the temple. This is due to the local Buddhist temple, Buddhist monks in Xishuangbanna and the highest on-chip receive called feudal lords, Xuanwei Members of the construction of the contributions, and thus in the religious community has a high status and influence, in Jinghong City is the oldest Buddhist temple construction. The scale of the magnificent temple, the main temple 8 to 18 meters, 40 centimeters thick piles of red wood columns supporting caps Liangjia all wear the then-construction brackets, Temple 16 standing canopies Small birds like the Qing. In the process of building the temple as a whole do not have a nail in a riveting, very elegant design aesthetic. Hall of the middle of a plastic sit cross-legged Buddha statue, 1.4 meters high, the number of sites around the Hongdi hanging yellow edge of the envelope Jing Fan, Jing Fan there are delicate embroidery work of the mascot, Buddhist stories and mythology characters. The roof and walls around the Color painting of the dragon, a white elephant, peacock, a fairy, the image vivid. Leung set hanging in the mirror on the wall many, when the sun into the goal, sparkling mirrors and dazzling brilliance. Temple collection in the past had many volumes by Dai Wen Bayeux, the Dai people is the crystallization of culture and the arts. Dai during the "Festival to open the door" and "water "The local foreign country or even the faithful have come here to worship, the Buddha ransom. Xishuangbanna Temple is not only an important religious tourist attractions, is also focused on the state of heritage conservation unit.

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