Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Temple Yanpingjunwang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanpingjunwang shrine or temple, commonly known as Koxinga mountains Temple St., located in Tainan City to open mountain, Taiwan Zhusi mountains ancestor Zheng, Cheng Pei Si and their ministries will be for Taiwan's most important monuments. Covers an area of broad construction of a garden the United States, as a whole solemn elegant style, is the only Taiwan-Fuzhou construction of the temple. Into the pattern of Zhaobi Cheng Cheng-kung in the main hall of worship, and quiet Chongsitaifei Houdian King, and things veranda. Lvwa thick glass, and low in red on the walls of the Chen Zhao, Yan-Ping park outside the temple with the pool pavilion weeping willow, it is made of exquisite feelings Sigu. The ancestral hall to the right of the Tainan City Folk Museum, there are non-display of works of art, ancient Health And important specimens of ancient monument, a rich collection. And keep the right side of the temple before the 2 ancient cannons copper, iron seven ancient cannons. Hokkeji link can be in the vicinity of his wife and Water Temple, arrangements for the historic trip journey.

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