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Tropical Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xishuangbanna, nearly 100,000 hectares of primeval forest, growing more than 5000 kinds of woody plants and herbaceous plants, including a huge tree ferns and original. In the dense forest, there are various types of plant and animal life here and multiply.
"By looking at plants in Xishuangbanna did not mean to double-West Satisfied. "Menglun Garden" the epitome of the Kingdom of Plants "and" Emerald heart "reputation. Therefore, people must come to Banna is the wish of the Botanical Garden.

Menglun Botanical Garden, also known as Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, located in Mengla Menglun from Jinghong 96 km from the city of Mengla County has more than 100 km. The tributaries of the Lancang River flows - Luo Jiang shuttle Abduction just a bend, the land surrounding a gourd-shaped peninsula, which they called Huludao, botanical gardens built on the island.
Huludao has an area of 15,000 mu, fertile soil, altitude 70 meters, belonging to the tropical climate, the annual mean temperature at 21? C ~ 22? C, the highest temperature at 38? C ~ 40? C between the hot and humid climate for the growth of tropical plants provided good conditions, Huludao are surrounded by mountains, better than the protection of natural vegetation, in 1958, when I Well-known botanist Professor Cai Xitao initiative, the establishment of the Yunnan Institute of tropical plants, is the first in the Long Meng, in 1959 moved to Huludao. This is a scientific experiment and research of a treasure, after 40 years of development, now planted on the island at home and abroad more than 3000 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants Belonging to the Chinese Academy of Sciences is an important tropical botanical garden.
Botanical Garden to the Romanian Mahbubani River there is a large suspension bridge, cross the bridge on the large botanical garden to. On both sides of the road sub-tropical growth of tall trees. As the tea bush is valuable as the United States and Gordon Wood, a drug to treat cancer can be extracted trees, is Tsai Professor Tao efforts to find a lot of hard work in the mountains. The plant was found to have brought good news for cancer patients. Those with large leaf growth is Dracaena, is Professor Cai Xitao grown personally, Dracaena "Dragon's blood" of the main raw material. Dragon's blood with promoting blood circulation, such as the role of the bleeding. Entering the park, the most attractive The purpose is as high as San Sishi meters at the national level of protection of plants - to look on the tree. In the tropical rain forest, tree towering clouds were a giant tree, from a distance look like a crane standing among chickens; bottom-up looked like a sword into the clouds, very spectacular.
Botanical Garden in the vicinity of the hotel has a large artificial pond, An on-chip into the cultivation of Phi Man "armor" of the oil palm, the tall straight trees, brought strong tropical, they are all mighty as the guardian of day and night to protect their homes.
Walk in the Botanical Garden, we can see the green branches and leaves of Dracaena. This tree is the "Dragon's blood," the main ??. Dragon's blood "can be medicine, to stop bleeding, promoting blood circulation, Qu Yu, the role of pain and swelling, scientists found it in Xishuangbanna, and transplanted it here, it gives us the opportunity to see its Fangrong.

In the garden, you will see some dressed in national costume Dai women, to They sell red beans, that is, "Xiang Sidou." Botanical Garden in a number of species hosiei, which allow people to the fruits of the continuously high emotion, people can not help but recite from that famous through the ages:

Health southern red beans, spring Jizhi fat;
Multi-advised gathering, the most-love.

When you walk into a testing ground for would like to see the trees, like tea tree - Maytenus. Maytenus is a botanist CAI Tao organizations in the upper reaches of the River Luo shuttle found in the mountains, and later moved it here. Scientists from Tempered medication for cancer patients has brought the gospel.
Specimen trees in the area, there are 3 famous "flower of the world's number one" good reputation "in accordance with Orchid." From the gold extracted from orchids in accordance with the spices, rich fragrance, in today's world is one of the rare spice.
Central Botanical Garden, a pond, Health A disc of the same green leaves, leaf and 1 meter in diameter, can support more than 20 kilograms of weight, a small nuclear Dai able to play without sitting down. The water not only in general can not match, it can create the Guinness Book of World Records. That is, "Victoria."
Botanical Garden, also For the green drops of green areas. In these Zhuhai, the most surprising Youwei and the balance to Fengwei Zhu. Dai has a very famous song called "Under the Moonlight's Fengwei Zhu", the lyrics are:
Moonlight following Feng Weizhu ah ah, ah beautiful soft
Like a green dream ah ah.
Zhu Lou's a good girl dazzling as legendary luminous pearl ah
... ...
If you spend the night at the Botanical Garden, also fortunate enough to encounter the full moon, when you are under the moonlight Feng Weizhu Walk, you will naturally be intoxicated with good luck. If the couple is, after this scene, not only love can be elevated, but also memories, so that an extension of love forever ... ...
There are many unique botanical gardens in different wood: tree forest "banyan", a highly toxic, can do drugs " Lesch blood ", die cutting of the" black heart tree ", Dai made the bamboo rice," Shannon bamboo rice "can be extracted minus 50 ? ability of low-temperature lubricant" He was wood, "follow the sun rise and drop flowers bloom closed the" clock Flowers. , The walls of Things Past "root plate," Diabetes Jieshu "banana Traveler", the music will be heard before "Tiaowu Cao," could become sour sweet "mystery fruit" can be used to inscribe the text, "Brown Bayeux," the old flowering stems of the results, "jackfruit", Forest Oil King "fruit production"; than Pine growth rate 10 times faster, the average length of more than 3 meters high, "Mission Me"; will eat small insects, "pitcher"; there II 4 up to the hardwood, a 0.1 share of only 0.2 light wood; to valuable kilograms of "black Dalbergia" and "teak"; have shaped fruit, such as eggs, egg yolk, such as color, flavor, such as eggs "Huangguoshu eggs"; 3 times a day change the color of the "flower color"; Yimo close on the leaves of "mimosa". Variety , Strange, dizzying up chaos, the long exposure.
In addition to be able to appreciate the thousands of artificial cultivation of plants, people can also enter the valley of the original rain forest. The vegetation in the general level 5 and above. Is to look on top of the tree; the middle of the tree is tall and straight, there are red trees, and so on; still in the middle and lower Me-group, such as Evergreen trees; lower is low shrubs and a few hundred meters up to the vine, scattered high and low, thick layers; the bottom is grass and moss plants, and so on.
Tropical rain forest into the valley, even if the blue skies, it is also very dark and damp. Almost every few steps away, the plant is not the same In particular, high-profile "strangulation of those who woods." Strangling little tree is very common in the dense forest Banna. The forest of high-Yung, lattice distortion microcarpa, Yelena seven, and so on, the birds were eating the fruit, with the faeces into other trees, the rain forest in the humid climate, the growth of seeds will soon germinate and grow in many Gas root. Along the root of the tree trunks climb around on the ground, growing insertion in the soil, strangulation and suffocation was in space for sunlight, nutrients in the ground battle, with the passage of time to Chansi tree, put on the Flora of the law of the jungle scene.
In the botanical garden, we can see the rich variety of different trees. Curare wood, with " Lesch blood "function; mysterious fruit with a wonderful protease, the protease can be sweet to sour, it's far away from West Africa; Tiaowu Cao, each of the petiole on the long leaves of three, a Long, 2 short and the long grass this morning on the leaves from the Dala-to-open, 2 small leaves Shimoji at the beating, dancing like a girl, by the afternoon, the large leaves and Dala down, but still lobular non-stop beating, it was this grass known as the "Flora of dancers"; Zhu Hong, Dai Jia people to do it with bamboo rice, the rice out there to do a fragrance-ching, very delicious flavor; Bayeux Brown, Dai It leaves used to write text; melon oil, high oil content in more than 71%, nutrition is very rich, as the "tree lard in a long," it is also called the "fruit production"; according to Orchid , The world's most expensive spice plants.
There is also a plant called the "Vampire." On the long roots sandalwood on thousands of A suction cup, firmly in the absorption of the parasitic plant root, then on T plunder, and other nutrients and water survival, so that people sandalwood tree on the ground floor is terrible, "Vampire." Sandalwood trees in the early selection of herbs, such as aircraft grass, flowers, etc. for parasitic Changchun, the purple line to choose when they grow up, and so on falcataria shrub or small tree for parasitic Plunder and exploitation by parasitic plant growth. Sandalwood tree particularly jealousy, which does not allow the hosts to survive much longer than it is good, than it is high, otherwise it will "Hanhen" to die, so green and luxuriant look of the sandalwood tree, often with the growth of thin withered host Plant.
In the heat of the tropical rain forest in When you are thirsty, you can see the rattan pole as rain in a timely manner. Goto such a lot of water, a knife cut off a rattan pole, the shining white of the water will flow out, when you drink sweet child I cool water of the pole, would be immediately through the body cool. People call it a "natural water."
In the two-version of the West The vast green space, and many have not yet developed virgin land, there are many people waiting for the United States to discover.

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