Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Red Hot Springs area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taiwan's Red Hot Springs there are two, one in Hualien, Taitung at. The Red Hot Springs in Taitung Yanping Township is located in the village of Red, Red River flows through the winding Taitung valley, the formation of Red Valley, this place is the alluvial plain, the early sensation of the province is the Hongye Little League team from here. Fill the fields as a result of the village of Red Maple are Named after the owner, here for the aboriginal Bunun scattered, small red leaves the country is only a local primary school in the Hongye Little League Memorial, people back off for a glorious memory will never fade. States across the Ogano small valley is the source of the Red Hot Springs, since the country next to the school straight path, about 30 feet way, arrived in the river You can be found at the end of cliff below the flood land in hot water seepage, the so-called Red Hot Springs area. Red Hot Springs is a weak alkaline carbonate-chuen, slightly smell of sulfur, Stephen temperature of about 45 degrees Celsius, transparent and clear water, spring water volume is not large, as the cliff is located in the valley, the inconvenient traffic, so few people now Mu Even local residents have little water to this whole Red Hot Springs area remains to its original state, no development. Notes: 1. Hongye Village, only a small supply of food restaurants, no accommodation facilities, can only camp in the river, stream Luming It should be noted that the high tide water level. . Leaves into the village should be handled mountain travel permit. Ride: from Taitung Da Wang Yongkang as Taoyuan in the country to train primary leaves off. Can also be self-Taitung Da Wang Yongkang, Kano, Oldies, Ikegami, such as the ding-dong passenger in Luming stop. By car: from Taitung go on the 9th by the provincial town, Chulu, straight through Luming Bridge can be arrived, the entire process about 30 km.

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