Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Man dragon pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Man dragon pagoda in Jinghong County Meng Long known as a man of the stockade dragon on the back of the Peak, from the Autonomous Prefecture, the capital of Jinghong allowed 70 km away from the big 3 km-long Meng, Xishuangbanna is famous pagoda group, Also known as the "golden throne tower." Dai as a "tower of glutinous Zhuanglong," "glutinous tower," which means "bamboo tower", the bulk of bamboo tower . It was also because of their white, referred the "White Pagoda." This tower was built in 565 Dai Li (1203 AD), according to legend as a leader who Meng Hu Banan awarded the main building, the designers of the three Indian monks. Tower built on the Peak, a total of 9, Taki was Duoban-shaped plum-shaped, the circumference of 42.6 meters. Among the main tower of high - 6.29 meters, around the ring with a small tower 8, 8 distribution angle, each 9.1 meters high tower of small, high-rise tower-shaped gourd, Shi Xinzhuan stone structure. Mother of a Tap, 8 tower elements, first glance like a cluster of tall and straight bold Otake, like the spring bamboo shoots robust, magnificent. Each small Tata Block There is a Shrine, the Shrine, there are a Fodiao and a statue of Buddha, there are shrines on the clay of the Phoenix, to fly the air, the door is two large clay dragon. 8 small golden on top, each hung in a marked Tongfo, the mother of copper Tajian there, "Di days," the Dingdingdangdang found in mountain breeze blowing sound. Tap on a variety of Kind of painting, sculpture, beautiful scenery. Like rain the whole pyramid of Health Chun-Sun staged a mixed-induced structural solemn, color white as jade, as a result of Man is located in the village of dragon, like Chun-Sun, named Man shoots dragon tower. Tanan in the rock there is a huge step China and India, for the Buddha's footprints Chuan. There is also a step before the "holy water That Qinglie water, an inexhaustible, and stamp out the Buddhist monk's staff with holy water, can be used in all kinds of governance that is difficult to avoid misfortunes. As a result, even today, visitors to the Quanbian must Juyi Peng clear spring water, drink a few, eye wash their ears in order to receive the Buddha's tutelage prepared and responsive, clean and safe. Man dragon pagoda, Theravada Buddhism is the structure of the building, its octagonal Xu Mizuo side shrines and decorative patterns as well as the mainland Chinese architectural style, is the ancient Dai people of other ethnic architectural style created by the nation's architectural art is a rare ancient Chinese goods clearance . In 1988 published a national key cultural unit.

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