Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tsaoling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tsaoling township grass under the Ku Hang Village, is located in Nantou, Chiayi County, three clouds of community, home Chitou, Ali, Switzerland, and other amusement parks in the central position of 450-1750 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains, the region Qi Jun Shan rock cliffs, Fei Bao shock force, the natural climate, the mountain has produced stunning natural scenery. The scenic area covers an extensive area covering approximately 1,000 public trouble. Ten Tsaoling including concentric Falls, Lianzhu pool, waterfall Penglai, the Hsiung Feng cliff, cliff spring and autumn, the stream small world Shuilian Dong, Duanhun Valley, Qing Washi, wonderful hole, and so on; cliff to the Spring and Autumn Period, the Hsiung Feng cliffs and the most magnificent waterfall Penglai Magnificent. In addition to the Shang Jing, deep Mountain-style specialty is also worth mentioning, including a round powder Hill, Kucha You, wild honey, dried bamboos, mushrooms, awkeotsang, passion fruit, are produced for local self-made, pure quality, cheap and good.

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