Wednesday, November 26, 2008

King really octagonal - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King really octagonal, Xishuangbanna is an important cultural one. King Meng Haixian true at the local, 14 km from the county seat. As a result of the pavilion in the true King, King is often referred to as true octagonal. Octagonal, Dai said castration consult up to the effect that the local religious ceremonies or activities difficult monk by the Church. King really high octagonal 15.42 meters, the identity of the pavilion 8 different departments with a capacity of 31 small face, as the convergence angle of 32 from the Pavilion Block, who Pavilion, Rizal top of three parts; 24-room wall booths, there are indoor Li Xiang Yizun copper Buddha. Dongnanxibei the open door to the south gate is a wooden ladder, stone steps, and connected to the ground. Pavilion Gold wall map with a variety of flowers, animals, which also mounted a multi-shaped lenses. The pavilion was at the top of the octagonal-shaped Polygonum color glazed roof tiles in the construction of sulfur, lead ten surface layers into a contract after the conical spire, covered with complete erect a 4 meters long irons, irons hanging from the top side of the triangle small flag. Booths around the eaves hanging Tong-ling a few, when referring to breeze past, as Dingdang voice, clear and sweet. King really exquisite octagonal shape gorgeous, beautifully decorated, beautiful design, excellent technology unique, high historical and artistic value of the value of Theravada Buddhism in China's construction of a fine, but also ancient Xishuangbanna Dai level of the construction of a Logo, released in 1988 for state-level key protection units. Buddhism is an octagonal building, the King is really a regional center of Buddhist temples, "Wala Zha Beach" an integral part. Legend has it that this is the octagonal Buddhists are in memory of Sakyamuni Buddha, which he modeled on the wearing of gold caps and Taiwan, "Han card 10 minutes The construction. In ancient times, it is a procedure kiosks in the Dai Li, 30 and 15 a month on the 2nd, King really focused on the region's kiosks and Buddha, and listen to the monks agreed to by the awarding of major religious activities, but also to deal with day-to-day affairs of the major sites, but also promoted the monk For the Buddha's place. Octagonal in the north about two miles Peak, with a towering pagoda, octagonal and distant relative. Octagonal its graceful gesture, standing in quicksand-. In the real King and the octagonal temple, there is a huge old linden trees, tall and straight trunks of a few people can come Hebao, Wei Weng Yu Rui, a decorated octagonal's beautiful scenery. Banna in a large number of Buddhist Ting Zhong, Jing really can be octagonal Dai-building process epitomize the fine. Bottom-up, layer upon Shoulong, Cuoluoyouzhi, Sakyamuni Buddha, as Taiwan's gold caps, playing at the top of the dazzling film, shows the sacred Buddha, the Buddhist boundless. Congcong the tree dies, the stick The octagonal side of the winding packing, like a wise old man, a narrative for hundreds of years of prosperity and vicissitudes of life. In the octagonal ring as the head and, under the hills and meandering streams River Road; peacock green lake as a water content of pearl inlaid in the mountains full of green, accompanied by the gurgling river, seem to be "Hoist the letter" really Zhong Jing Meng cover Prince and Princess of love Ni-nan, in the Lake of the wave Shui Wen Yang Qi, there seems to be on-call Peacock Princess and the tree's deep Staring at the Tuen Mun-Prince. The southern comfortable Taoran Ting's, the southern border of this Smart octagonal, although all Pavilion, but have different personalities and different Yunzhi.

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