Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taichung Travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi said, "Dadun East", located in the western part of the island of Taiwan Taizhongpendi central, east, Hansi, Daya west, south Ukraine, Dadu Township, north Tanzih Township. East and West have Hang Hill, along the Dadu Shan. Taichung County is surrounded by Wai for. Taiwan is a province in the central economic, transport and cultural center, is the third largest city in the province. Clean the streets with elegant, Taiwan, known as the most clean city.

Taichung City for the Pingpu Fan Xi, an agency of Wushe and cats to the old. Emperor Kangxi in the Qing years, the Han-min resident here in the land reclamation has become settlement, the Japanese colonial period established in Taipei, Tainan, Taiwan and Penghu counties Island three-Office, the municipal Taiwan And later changed to the Office of Taiwan affairs, and then renamed the "Taichung County", the final result of both Taipei and Tainan, Taitung, Taichung Taihsi and lack of independence, so it changes its position, "Taichung City."

Taichung City North High-South low-lying, although the west coast, but separated by mountains, few were against the typhoon. There are also green-chuan, Sichuan, Meichuan to wear around the urban area will not only be able to add the city of King scenery as well as regulation of climate, the Taichung City mild climate, with an average temperature of 22.4 degrees was the best living environment.

Zhongshan Park in the urban areas, Po Kok Temple, the Confucius Temple, and so on tour, Taiwan's Buddhist Cultural Center, the calendar year Law of the General Assembly are held in Po Kok Temple. Taichung City, Taipei's second only to the number of institutions of higher learning, known as City of Culture said.

Taichung City's snack countryside "soup Mama", has a unique flavor. "Dried as one of" popular across the province. There are gifts gift "sun cake," with the heat St. Goods "Fortunately, the Pavilion made Bean ice "are well known.

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