Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knowledge of forest area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Knowledge of forest area is the Forest Service for the cause of the Taitung District No. 33 Linban state-owned forest land, forest management after the original imposition of 4 hectares of nurseries for the center will be around 10 hectares of afforestation work together to integrate planning, For the provision of Forest Recreation Area. Recreation Area is located near the middle reaches of the Benxi know, people wishing to enter the recreation area would be subject to cross Chihpen The concept of hanging Lin Bridge, the Bridge as a dark red-taek, about 84 meters outside Cambridge can look down to know Benxi rough style of the original, with the breeze blowing, body Qingbai Cambridge, cool and comfortable. Under the Bridge is located along the river bed, a hot spring at the source of nudity, here is a local person "within the Chihpen Hot Springs", as a result of spring water volume , And placed in the valley, it is also difficult to collect. After hanging Bridge is Chihpen Forest Recreation Area, the area covered with a variety of broad-leaved plants, such as forest trees, pine forests, Malacca tree, bamboo, and bishopwood tree nursery. There are also a camping area in the region, a campfire area, barbecue area, picnic area, Villa, and other areas for camping this group of Use. Ride: from Taitung line up to the ding-dong Chihpen passenger train, get off at the Chihpen Hot Springs. From Taitung to have clearance Abbey passenger train, but fewer classes. By car: from Taitung City take Highway 11 south through B Fengyuan, Knowledge and then transferred to the Chihpen Hot Springs Road, the township, about the entire process 8 km.

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