Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The ancient town of Hengchun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The town of Hengchun in the southernmost tip of Hengchun Peninsula, which sits the town of Hengchun, the ancient city of Central, the province is the preservation of the ancient city of more complete, as a second national monuments. Hengchun old name Joe Lang, at the beginning of the first year of Qing Emperor Guangxu city, Guang Xu to five years to complete. Joe perimeter City 880, 4 North-South thing, because after living in Central Changes in multi-wall is damaged, leaving only four of the Shing Mun, with the exception of the north front of the rest are home traffic, to Oluanpi out of a South Gate, East Gate can pass from the stained glass, Picanol water, to the car Simon will take the city. If you want to see the four-door style, starting by Simon; Simon wall covered with weeds, stripping the ban quite old Italian red. Across the Shing Mun Road to the south gate could be straight from the city of straight road in front of the culture then it arrived in East Gate Road, East Gate, East Gate outside the city is still the old trenches can be seen from the East Gate Road, then north to opportunities leading to the north gate. By car: from Kaohsiung under the highway exit, follow Highway 17 South East via Hong Kong, arrived in Woodside Shuidi Liao, the No. 1 pick Fangliao to Maple Road by the Hong Kong and then continued on the 26th to the provincial Hengchun, by the exit point about 84 km.

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