Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Huashan Recreation Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huashan Recreation Area is located in Ku Hang Shan village, township, in the community and the world Hushan Jian Zhang Hu scenic area, and convenient transportation. In this area elevation -1304 meters from 250 meters, mountain hiking trails have been created by the system, depending on the individual physical, leisure time to choose start off on a journey, the people of this county sports, fitness, open to the best . This beautiful area, tea every 1304 meters above sea level to board a large sharp peak, overlooking beautiful landscape, Fukan steep cliff, Shashi-like view. In addition to mountain climbing, hiking outside the provision of more barbecue, camping, picnic and other functions of the sitting-out areas on top. Set in the region with a diversity of educational function of education Huashan Garden centers, the district also rich in tea, tea assail the nostrils, to free tea, Shang Jing, Di do consider vulgar, people often come Guiqu Lai Hing meaning.

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