Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shihmen ancient battlefield - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihmen Township is located in the ancient battlefield, four on the eastern side of the river, the only hill here, running water, and quite mood on the battlefield. Shihmen altitude is 370 meters from the mother louse Hill, as well as altitude of 450 meters five-Mountain cliff from Jiazhi, the steep cliffs. Xian Yao because of the terrain, is very much like the portal, Shek Mun and thus got its name. Qing Tongzhi years Mutan incident, which took place here. During the Japanese occupation, Japanese was the mother louse Li Shan "From Here to the monument" to commemorate the events in the Peony Society of Japanese soldiers killed in action, after the recovery of Taiwan, the top female lice in a separate "I also clarify Yu Hai rivers and mountains," Stone, in recognition of The death of the indomitable spirit of the aborigines. By car: From Kaohsiung Flow under the highway, on the 17th Street Highway, the Linyuan, east of Hong Kong, Woodside, Shuidi Liao continued to Highway 1, then south to Hong Kong, Feng turn on the 24th provincial highway to the city after the car to County Road 199, Line of about 8 km Shek Kwu Wan on the battlefield.

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