Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ryukoku natural park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Health spa pool, is a natural park Ryukoku unique feature of the Central Cross-Island Highway at the entrance to the customs Valley. Park built along the valley, the red dragon velley hanging Bridge is representative landmark of modern recreational facilities, landscaping, forests, waterfalls and hot springs comprehensive landscape park. Ryukoku Falls Park for the best, a cable car Keda Walking trails. Falls of about 30 meters high, the momentum Zhuang Wei, the Tachia River open-air hot spring pool health, a more complete massage, the impact of various types of water treatment, so that every inch of your skin is fully alleviate the liberation song. Another trail of a bird-watching, and occasionally you have a surprising Yan Yu, or to see the belly of the Blue Bird free. Ryukoku days The park is a tortuous path along the cliff, and across the river on the pavilions modified fun, in addition to the wall, next to the path of scenery, the river of stones is also quite impressive. Drive: The Valley is located east of Fengyuan clearance of about 47.8 kilometers of the Central Cross-Island Highway, the highway from Fengyuan exit to the city of Fengyuan, check 3, the provincial power to the East, with access to the Central Cross-Island Highway Provincial Highway No. 78, Kedi straight all the way.

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