Wednesday, November 26, 2008

South Yao Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yao Palace is located in Changhua, Taiwan, South Province, one road, away from the city center close, very convenient traffic. Mazu Temple in Changhua, commonly known as the South Yao Palace for the pension of Notre Dame in the sky, that is, Matsu, the annual Lunar New Year on March 23 birthday of Matsu, the incense came to worship the only men and women, and so on as many as 10,000 people, Manzhuo offerings of the event, excitement??. South Yao for a three-level palace relics, worship, you can be around these micro-sites, especially in the Middle Temple on the roof, next to the corridor, there are very different from ancient and modern architectural style. Another from South Yao Zheng Chenggong palace near the temple, is also worth a glance. Address: Changhua County, Changhua City, South Yao Yao South Road 3 car: One of Taiwan Changhua along the provincial highway under the direction of the south, near Wan.

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