Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chulu Ranch - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chulu Ranch for the state-owned Land Bank of Taiwan to operate the ranch, located in the rural ming Fengcun Peinan, Taitung County, the field covers an area of about 54 hectares, in order to focus on the province slope of the pasture. Liao ranch with a broad vision especially, dairy cattle are the main objectives of the operation. In addition, camp is divided into zones, the sale of products, pineapple Park Tea, betel Park 2, loquat, such as the Bamboo Park and the area suitable for camping holiday. Address: Beinan Township, Taitung County ranch next Fengcun One Phone: (089) 571,815 traffic information: drive: from Taitung City take Highway 9, South Village, Ben Village, Chulu, the right line of about four kilometers to the next Fengcun, along the road marked Kedi instructions. Ride: from Taitung to take a ding-dong passenger Chulu, Chi Bu Chulu to the next station.

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