Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bao Guangsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Founded in 1976, the Baoguang Si is the size of Taiwan has always been the most magnificent places of assembly Road. Road has always been the origin of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Huang Dehui years, created the "inherent" in the middle of the Ming and Luo Wei by a group of "Longhua education", located in Tainan County, south of Yushan rural village, a site of about 20 or so, until 1930 was called "Shizun" Zhang natural preacher, was always known as the Road. 1946 Road has always been imported to Taiwan for 40 years once the Government has been banned until 76 years to lift the ban. Festival in mid-July, "Zhang natural birth of the" most important. Road, all on the same day pro-day build-up in the morning for the main festival in the afternoon Song Shen and recreational activities are. Attached to the bottom of the pilgrims Baoguang Building Museum was established in the Republic of China in 1985, the collection includes Tony Lo, calligraphy and folk three categories. Bao Guangsi to the temple to tourists for its development goals, since the lifting of the ban after more active in the expansion. By car: Highway ? Yongkang Runner ? 20 Provincial Highway No. ? ? Xinhua Liu ? food left the town ? 20 B Provincial Highway No. ? south of the North ? Liu ? 20 Provincial Highway No. ? church Baoguang ride: from Tainan Da Wang Tian Mei Yamaguchi, Chiahsien The passenger train south-hing, in the village of Xiatou Tsai Yu-shan station under.

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