Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Da Ai Dwarf Village Festival - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Da Ai is a village north of the Saisiyat mainly of hill tribes, located in Wufeng township, Hsinchu County, Miaoli Xiangtian Hu as the Saisiyat, about every two years during the Chinese on October 15 a small ceremony, a 10-year Festival is a festival of short spirit of their most important festival, the festival is also a mountainous province in the most mystery, to preserve the integrity of the Code ceremony. Legend has it that Saisiyat pay the dead man is no longer cause trouble in retaliation, dwarves and pray for peace bless harvest, the harvest festivals to add to the short spirit worship; then replaced by more and become the biggest ethnic festival activities. Festival to be held some time during the Chinese on October 15 about the main ceremony is divided into Ling, Yu Ling, Ling-by-three parts of the activities during the night 3 for up to 3 days; the village because of Taiai Xiangtian Hu to facilitate more traffic, so every time the festival attracted many are attracted to the tourists, the entire Daai A remarkable contrast lively village. Traffic information: Hsinchu under the highway exit, along the County Road 122 East as bamboo, can be Wufeng police station to Da Ai, Chuang Zhu, the need to stop this from the right path to walk uphill to cement the village of Da Ai. By the exit point of about 32.1 km.

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