Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sun Moon Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sun Moon Lake in Nantou fish pond located in the Rural Water Village, has been reshaping tastes tourism, and create opportunities for tourism, real quiet ride. Xi said that even the water and sediment, as a result of Tan Jing thin fog of sand, water and tears got its name. After the lake was a result of our island separated by the South say, an arc-shaped, such as the North-round of the day, the name is Sun Moon Lake; 921 earthquake face Not by the catastrophe, brought about an opportunity to rebuild, after the earthquake, the upgrading of the scenic spots again Guanghua Sun Moon Lake. Luan around the Pinnacle Group, the high-altitude 748 meters, covering an area of 116 square kilometers. Tam Island to the whole issue for the sector, say, an arc-shaped South, such as the North-day round, named Sun Moon Lake, Lake face Scene million for the province's outstanding natural large . Sun Moon Lake scenic spots are as follows: the Man Mo Temple: Lake is located in the northern belt, as a result of worship of Confucius (Saint-wen), Guan Yu and Yue Fei (San Wu) got its name. Temples built along the mountain, points before, during and after the Third Temple, covers an area of broad, golden yellow in color-based, Chinese-style palace north of the temple, magnificent momentum, US-round call. Kong Queyuan: located around the northern side of the road, the park is divided into three areas, namely Kongque Yuan, Rui Bird Park, Butterfly Museum. Keeping more than 400 peacocks Park only, all types of birds and 200,000 specimens. Guanghua Island: Sun Moon Lake located in the center dividing line for the Sun Moon Lake, on the island there is a kiosk Yuexialaoren for Customer must visit in a way. Taiwan Mountain Cultural Center, the preservation of Taiwan compatriots ten mountain communities of natural heritage and customs of all ethnic groups to display the unique architecture, sculpture, weaving, fishing and hunting, and other artifacts, visitors can feast their eyes. Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center: set up a conference room, social hall, restaurants, dormitories for 400 people Will be, and Hill has a field training available. Dehua Village: The village of Germany for the Tsou aboriginal villages, said Xi-Fan Club, allegiance to the village of Education. Mountain area to display relics and mountain song and dance performances. Xuanzang Temple: Qinglongshan located, in memory of Master Xuan Tang to learn from the Western Regions, to promote Chinese culture is built, the Temple Master Xuan for the bone to pay respect to the soul. Cien Ta: Dragon at the Peak, the top 1000-meter high sea allocated to the highest point of Sun Moon Lake. Chinese mining pagoda-style architecture, is divided into nine. The top two floors of the building, Ms. Wang Tai for the mourning hall, quiet environment, with Dan Zhuo, stone benches for people to open Drive: Wang from the exit, take Highway 1, then take Highway 14, Tsaotun, two-Dong, Lin Ganzi, the beloved blue Bridge turn right to southbound Highway 21, the fish can be arrived at . Ride: Taipei - Sun Moon Lake: Taiwan Chung Hsing passenger steam, dry Taichung City - Sun Moon Lake: ZTE , 1 hour intervals.

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