Wednesday, November 26, 2008

King Holiday World amusement - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After Peacock opened birds ? screen has a rare, but it can not meet a critical eye. King Holiday World amusement with immediate effect, will lead visitors into the real three-dimensional --------- New Vision only two more than the blue and white peacocks 150 meters from the Youth Pre-employment Training high-altitude flying in the wilderness Dollars The melodious music Child care, small groups set out to the heroic-volley flew over the mountain, followed by a one in a set of fixed points; full proudly displayed after the birds like the leader Lai. Thatcher out of the ordinary, second to none in Taiwan show the peacock fly, not to be missed is the park's top wonderful show. King Holiday World amusement , Located in the East Bamboo Mountain, Shei-Pa National Park online landscape, an area of 60 hectares of green mountains, which rise amid stretches, the spectacular scenery of CMV and let you enjoy the wide landscape of the banquet, to spend more than 10 million well-planning, intellectual , Entertainment, leisure, arts Jian Ju, and by the development of low-grade natural landscape, zero-pollution Cool the air, "phytoncid" King is the first banquet feast. In addition dozens of other large-scale mechanical rides, Ferris Shuttle 720 degrees, 360 degrees patrol boats, high-altitude parachute, SR2 ? ? Cinemania, and so on, allow you to experience the excitement and great joy to meet new , In the summer, there are natural Cold Spring Road, water-skiing, swimming pools, heat and cool, skidded off the dust and stimulate the youth. Open areas are lovely animals alive the small kangaroo, nutria, Leiothrix Park, the parrot magic shows, insect ecology museum, 500 of the dove of peace Square ? Koi pond, and so on, so that more children away, Ears, the mouthpiece ..... and so on a number of educational facilities for science education and enhance your parent-child interaction. In order to find your family in the Castle Peak Forest Tang Yang, Xijin the hubbub of city life back to nature, will also be provided with spacious, warm, quiet five-star European-style leisure resort, cabins, as well as the recently completed a capacity of 1, 2 0 people camping barbecue area, which can accommodate 1,200 people indoors at the fire camp, mountain training site, so that you have emerged vitality; celebrity wax museum as famous ancient and modern life, so you have a sense of time and space beyond, the well-known creative minds bronze art washing; Fully equipped, smaller industrial and commercial organizations are meeting on education, Heart-ching good place to recharge the brain, and can accommodate 1,200 people Carnival karaoke 0K iron barbecue, use of natural gas-iron barbecue smoke-free, clean and convenient, allowing you to enjoy a different fun barbecue , Is the anniversary, the staff-end dinner for employees and distributors to choose the best club, PUB to make the dance floor at night Kang added fun, enjoy the elegance and all-round parity diversified integrated leisure resort, hedonism human nature is our consistent stand, the King Holiday World amusement sincerely invite you to feast together.

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