Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wu-chi park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu-chi is a new theme park amusement park, located next to the Temple of Our Lady of Tucheng, an area of 3 hectares for the Japanese Yasukuni day's play by the utility companies to invest in the construction. Playground equipment, including domestic first roller slide pool, the thrills. And a swimming pool and water sports facilities, large-scale amusement park also features a maze, the entire process takes about 40 minutes, More than 700 kinds of different paths can be replaced, very interesting. In the garden is very eye-catching display of in-house dining center is a glass house cafes and Japanese cuisine, shopping is also designed. Address: Annan District Tainan City, 245 North Road, Lane 160, TEL: (06) 2573811 Drive: Yongkang exchange - Park Road - National - Wen-yin - Tucheng - Road safety - Wu-chi ride: Tainan in the south-hing, up to the Tucheng passenger train, get off at the terminal. Annan, Feng Chia Road, take the road to Tuchengzi 28, 29, or the way Our Lady of the temple to get off.

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