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Lukang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Legend has it that Lukang, Changhua County DragonVenture leader. Coincidentally, the Qing Emperor Kangxi historians 23 years, the Taiwan-based government, 20 light years, according to the five trading, before and after 150 years of Taiwan's culture, known as the "period of Lukang." Two contrast, Lukang is a really long pieces of land. This long, since the Qing Emperor Qianlong is 49, Jiang Ting open Fujian cockles and Lukang developed after the trade. Lukang Folk researched study of Zhuang Yu pointed out that the Emperor Qianlong and Jiaqing during the golden age of Lukang is now intensive temples and monuments, Zukan was evidence of the economic and social aspects of the event, but also to create a bright outlook of the humanities. In the port city and the structure, but also to maintain the mainland State of the flavor, so to win, "You Si small downtown Quanzhou" good reputation. During that period, Lukang developed Jinchang Shun-chuen, rural, suburban Ha Kim Jin-shun, in the southern suburbs into gold, Kim Jin-million rural cloth, gold Changxing dare to rural, suburban oil Jinhong Fu, into areas of sugar and Shun Ho Jin Yongxing eight areas. The early years of the streets in accordance with industry to distinguish Such as the United States and the former city meters for the city; board shop in the whole street Street, was originally a monopoly coffin Street; now the Tak Hing Street, is the early stage of the sale of bamboo Bamboo Street, and so on. Eight in rural areas, led by Stephen, Stephen Lam again in the wealthy areas of the most wealthy and powerful products, and spread a lot of anecdote. Lukang Folk Museum Commissioner Shi Xue-Xuan, A section of the most-mentioned story: Jiaqing years on the creation of Lin Mao-line products, as a result of extremely rich, they spend the night between the ceaseless flow of guests to wear, so-Jiaqing (one is said Fu Kangan) visit, Lin goods Thought it was an ordinary guests, handle arrangements for the servants, not to be deliberately Huan. One night after his party down the main Shi washing Lin was a servant at home by the door in a see, the distracted half the day before the petition in a hurry. Lin goods, according to the report, Huang Qin known guest must be national, but has failed to meet the treatment can not be changed, the inner anxiety. As a result, Lin intentionally goods going out the back door, and then holding an umbrella, a worn-out shoes, just returned from an outside to go home after completing a matter of fatigue-door And then to become the house guest Jin Ye, to be resolved earlier "slow poke." Lin goods due to the warm welcome that Jiaqing east imperial task, reward, "Grand View" Royal important, and Le Feng-mao on "House, Prince Edward." Lukang in the third resident of Xian Dangbu head Li Meng, Lin added that the goods are another story: Chuan Lin goods has boasted in its 100 domestic see the door, but only at the time before they are admitted to the Royal Palace built 100 doors, forestry products rely on its financial situation, insist on doing so, but I do not know how the case, the first building 100 hours surely the door down, did not try in any way Zhe, only to give up. After more than 100 years, and this "Prince House" Canbai only a few of the old housing units, in the cold wind of the magnificent-looking statements in the past. The more business the more so after the eight areas being built in the local Tien Hou Temple, the Longshan Temple, and other temples, monasteries and a lot of Longshan Temple again in the most solemn fine. Changhua county staged a sit-in charitable associations with Yan Shi Cong, chairman of the truly proud of that, deer The Longshan Temple in the lead on the last square into the location of the three wells, of which 2 well is a round of longan, the center of the square is well Longkou. Therefore, the Longshan Temple in the past around the premises are not allowed to have more than a high Monastery. Shi Cong-yan said the solution in full flight, initially have 99 doors of Longshan Temple, each about a very small place, The first began at the main entrance, there are quite subtle. If the first door around the three pillars, is the 2 sides, is a circle, represents "from the 'four' side eight points of the compass' and 'three-kai tai yang," the relative lining is the same for the party, the two Those who add up to 6 columns will be formed "on June 6 Dashun"; together with the door Another pillar 6, on the formation of Ganzhi 12. Longshan Temple each have entered into a large square, Gaogaodidi arrangement, the more and more in the future, a symbol of the "rise higher and higher," and into the threshold is particularly high, representing an "official-wai." As the Temple each have a part of the "Ju regulation" can not be casual as a whole And, if necessary, be subject to the gods that can start to begin with, or vulnerable to accidents. Shi Cong-yan said that there was a craftsman in the renovation of the Eight Diagrams caisson, then knock as a result of their Benming Liang note was "red evil" that has nothing came of it every day. Longshan Temple treasures in particular, Po temple is built of bronze Buddha, , Said there were times, the results of living in Hong Kong before they were back, so special to lock in the glass inside. In addition, the main hall of Ocean's 18 instructors are all built in Tangshan, the oldest and only escaped back to Paul's disaster was the Venerable Fu-hu, is all the Ocean, the smallest proportion of a building. As for the incense-day peak of the Temple, the most-mentioned people, with the North through the temples also "Meizhou Mazu" caused by Siyuan. According to the older generation of people who said that the Pak Kong for many years to come, please take the Meizhou Matsu Lukang, resulting in delay in the return of shameless, and have as a result of the "Matsu to open the tomb," Since then no longer pilgrimage to the Lukang. Lukang However, it has tried every means to "get back", and since then the statue will be locked in the temple, not foreign, "Temple of Lukang Artifact theft was a very serious situation" and said that pained Xin Shi Cong, "the more ancient The Temple of stealing more fierce, and very hard to detect even the Folk Museum was also stolen can not stand, simply requested the preservation of staff Protection. "Temples and more, and for the extraordinary show of wealth, the former Purdue Lukang, not only rich in worship more time than many other parts of the day. From July to August the first two days, to be "For the time being," the end. According to Shi Yunxuan research, Purdue Lukang carried out by the temple is the first negative angle . July first Open Door ghost, and possession of the Dian-Buddha to King principal, Lukang in Xian in light water, good brother-guided ways to enjoy the offerings together. July 30 ghost Guan Gate, today to thank the foot lights, worship every door, a good send-off brothers and let them bring more "deep grass," Wei Ling temple to the god general report. Purdue will take turns Paragraphs, the official Feng Wang Su big government, but also in the lunar habitats around 20, Bingfenlianglu against the town, escorted leave no more than the ghost, and to blame the custody of master Cheng Huang. October first,? Cheng Huang Ting official good heart, a pray again and again to King also imprisoned, then Purdue would be the real end. Drive: Changhua exchange under the Road highway, on County Road 142 southbound, then turn in way Chang Lu Ke Di Hill Road. Ride: at Taipei's Chung Hsing Dawang Lukang, train, a group of about half an hour. In Taichung, Changhua County's Lukang, Changhua Dawang passenger traffic for about 5-10 One train. Changhua out from the train a group of about 10-15 minutes.

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