Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pinglin Tea Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pinglin located in the mountains, the northern part of Taiwan's high-quality tea producing areas, layer upon layer of mountains in the spread of large and small tea plantations, mountain scenery eyeful.

Pinglin a modern tea museum, which is a southern Fujian Anxi-style courtyard, the courtyard inside the corridors, arch bridge, Ting Kok, Hill, Fei Bao, and so constitute a Xiuzhu South classical garden painting. Opportunity to browse through the museum, introduced the history of tea, tea types, as well as ancient times the Chinese tea industry in the evolution of culture. Museum Piyou elegant tea house, or three family members and a few friends to this rest, chat, but also to enjoy a very good Museum outside the restaurant or restaurant to have a lot of tea and snacks cooked dishes, such as tea �, tea and tea noodles and chicken, came to the birthplace of tea is not tea Chidun full of lunch before Buwang trip? Exhibition Hall is the museum's main tea industry, including the history of tea, tea, tea display of the three zones Tea Zone will display the history of tea along, the ancient Chinese tea, tea-yee, tea culture and business development, from ancient times structured paved. Cha Cha for the District matters of expertise, from the kinds of tea, tea classification, an element of tea, tea manufacturing and the production and marketing, evaluation and so on, with the kind of model Wrong show, the most detail. Tea display area, from tea to tea and tea-ceremony, the Chinese people belonging to the interwoven into the unique culture of tea. Tea-Tea described the understanding of how to judge a good pot, how to raise pots, tea wedding device, the contemporary way of drinking tea and special folk customs in Taiwan and the rejection of tea. Tea houses area includes a "fine Chinese Chamber Park," "tea houses" and "tea outdoor areas." Shichiku out on the balcony floor and fell on the eastern side of the Pinglin Tea Museum, this elegant two-centric architecture, winding paths, rockeries, Fei Bao, Ting Kok, Xiuzhu, constitute a classic southern-style garden Arts District, the park has Pinglin supply of Wenshan bag of specialty tea, tea and the old heart of the elegant cakes and sweetmeats, in viewing the exhibition hall, about the history of tea, tea, tea of all kinds of knowledge, this elegant landscape gardens leisure, Goods an sip fragrant, and wind floated in the Valley to get involved in the tea garden feelings scenic spots, the run Under Traveler's soul, and life is a big enjoyment. Museum theme of the activities on a quarterly basis, showing a fall of the theme of tea culture, showing different era master craftsman's work well from the tea, tea culture to the pottery of poetry, books, Qin, encompassing painting, rich in tea culture has far-reaching system To show up. Museum using three-dimensional multimedia 3D animation to show a lively manner, according to the tea knowledge and culture, so there is a systematic introduction. Center for the Promotion of Wenshan bag visitors to prepare tea, cakes and sweetmeats Xiang Yu and in particular the delicate tea Memorial Museum of Tea Ware Group and all kinds of souvenirs for visitors to buy.

Tea to guests is not difficult, there are buses to and from Taipei. Can take the station in Taipei, Taiwan steam passenger bus bound for Ilan, in Pinglin to get off; in the new park or take the new store passenger bus bound for the Pinglin. Tea Museum, restaurants and shops in the vicinity of the station, you can walk.

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