Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yingxi door - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Are classified as a Class Historic Site of the East Gate City, in the city's ongoing maintenance and protection, Hsinchu City has become a bastion of the spirit of the people, always winding around the local political, economic, cultural, transportation and other topics, past, future Will continue to do so. It is the provision of the ancient city of Hsinchu in the process of the only witness, as its name Yi In the urban street, to tell the passenger to and from the cutting of the ancient city in the past, guarding each one of the city of Hsinchu. Hsinchu City, also known as the East Gate for Hsinchu City Yingxi door, 11-year Yongzheng Dynasty, that is, in 1733 AD, when the Tong Zhi Xu Zhimin in the Hsinchu area, Central barbed species of bamboo, a total of around 410 Joe , At , West, North and South Gate Tower located four and opening trenches in order to consolidate security in the city. East Gate City, East Gate Street, next to every dark, crowded, you can go night market, eating a good snack!

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