Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hsiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hsiao at the mouth of the River South, East port of Hong Kong, about 15 kilometers southwest of Taiwan Province, 14 in the vicinity of the island is the only coral island, under the Pingtung County township of Okinawa. South Island as a whole narrow Kwanza Norte, around 12 kilometers, an area of about 6.8 square kilometers, lying to the north-east a little slow ramp, there is a result of the coastal sea Erosion of rocks formed by coral reefs, and more cliff in the southern and western coastal beach a little distribution, although small, but valuable enough to stop. As early as the era of the Qing Dynasty, "Ryukyu Xiaoxia," the landscape, has been named one of the eight southern Taiwan, the island scenery of the island by road to link up the line, depending on the geographical shape To distinguish between, there are lines around the island on the highway north of the rock vases, Ling Shansi, beautiful hole, groove boar, Ukraine ghost hole, the topography of coral reefs, cliff, Leucaena landscape; south on the road around the island of Hsiao Zoo Harbor, Qiannv Taiwan, Lobster holes, to gravel, sand, Joan Ma as the main landscape; and inland along the road to the temple Mainly, Mitsutaka Palace, Biyun Si tours are available.

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