Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Atayal Recreational Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Atayal Recreational Village is located in Nantou Township Charity, the Atayal cultural heritage of the city, rich Museum, the dream castle and the fountain, eye-catching landmark. Recreation facilities include a theme park of the universe, the dream for Speed, single-track in the air, such as surfing Fei-zhou. Clear Beigang River's water flow slowly vestibular Canyon, the graceful Li Wei Guan Mountains; Cui Lan Piao Miao, Yi Ling Yue Dong. 56 A vast area, covering the trails natural environment, Yexi, primeval forests, waterfalls and a clean, mountain training field, and so on ...... to reproduce the original tribal culture is another feature of the village, mountain Museum, The island of Taiwan, as the Warriors Atayal, ancient tunnels, the original People singing and dancing performances. To retain the provision of recreational fun, an increase of the multiple leisure facilities in the village. The mountains falls, with European-style gardens, barbecue area, the Mission Plaza and recreational activities, KTV and so on, and open up a mountain train, the spaceship into the sky, fantasy theme coaster, and other items. Chang also held a romantic mystery of the Atayal Trip, you see the changing outlook of the Atayal Recreational Village. Tickets: 450 yuan block, 400 half-price ticket Address: Charity Township, Nantou County mutual aid breeze Village Road, 45 Tel: (049) 461-311-4 bus: Tsaotun, Nantou up to the passenger Atayal Recreational Village "train, get off at the terminal can, for about 40 minutes or so. About 1:00 per hour. By car: exit from the Wang Tsaotun ? ? ? country name Atayal Recreational Village, about 60 minutes or so.

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