Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tsinghua University - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tsinghua University is located in Hsinchu, northern foothills on the outskirts of Eagle's Nest 18, the campus area of more than 80 hectares, verdant trees, green grass, to Lake Success, Kunming Lake, Plum Garden Valley, such as plum and pleasant scenery of the most famous, is a The rich deep breath and human tour of the academic value of the unit. Cut to the success of artificial lake, the lake wide , Leading to a small Cambridge Huxin Ting, An Pang Yang Liu Yiyi, sometimes one or two egrets flying, clear water dotted green, vivid scenery charming. Kunming Lake in the small fine, the lotus leaf surface of the lake Tian-tian, on the other side is a cluster of flowers Green Gallery bougainvillea flowers, are also grouped into fun. Mei Yiqi in memory of the principal production and the Plum Garden, planting trees more than 400 strains of the sea Each Winter into Spring, dazzling white cream plum garden, National Tsing Hua University is a famous King. Gu Mei is the new campus location of the College of Humanities, Acacia Lake is located where Lake of the bamboo stand with the lake low Xiang white egrets, so that the valley is like a plum and harmonious landscape. Drive: Hsinchu exit from high Road, along County Road 122 to the Hsinchu area before, that is, to about 1.5 km.

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