Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mengyang wild butterfly farm - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kun Luo Jinghong from along the road towards the direction of Kunming, about 30 km by car, it is up three spots mengyang Chahe. Here is the original elephant observation. In 1989 by the World Wildlife Fund and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Protected Areas Authority, the completion of mainland China's first wild butterfly farm. This is the Clever man and nature combined with the Butterfly tourist each year in mid-March until mid-October, more butterflies are available for viewing. The construction of the park's network of circular room in the Butterfly Garden, a variety of tropical and subtropical common butterflies fly or during, or habitat pool, or take nectar, mating or nesting, or eclosion pupae break, travel Can enjoy viewing and shooting. Butterfly Garden Room circular network, also cited in the mountains from the planting of aristolochic larvae of butterflies and other parasitic plant, a variety of adult use of bee species of flowers have been in the Garden Road on both sides of the reward. At present, this is the best in Xishuangbanna, traffic is the most convenient butterfly tours area. A butterfly garden in the existing Showroom samples, with the exception of specimens on display, but also the sale of printed map of the tour guides really sealed plastic butterfly souvenirs.

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