Wednesday, November 26, 2008

East forestry potential - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East of potential forest flowers are called, is a wide range of recreational sites, located in Taichung County, a new and powerful Zhendong. Set flowers, birds, forest bath Fireflies and ecological resources, and the country's largest fitness training field Hill. 100 years ago on the famous, with an area of more than 200 hectares of wooded. After two or three decades, many species of trees and flowers Altitude of about 500 meters, that is also very cool in the summer, for Prudential's summer resort. The main tree farm for four seasons of color changes in the landscape. The on-site centers to rural youth-oriented, well-equipped barbecue area, wet weather camping activities in the market, the cabin area, forest bathing, horse riding, Citrus Park, the mysterious , Qingren Gu, and so on. And the country's largest fitness training Hill field, in accordance with the age, gender, physical fitness is designed with eight, including water sports, break through barriers, such as artificial ski facilities. Winter plum, cherry blossom tree farm is important, as many as 30 hectares of plum, plum blossom in about a year in December to January, Flowers are 1 to February. At the same time, is also the first in the field of restoration Firefly Recreation Area, about from the beginning in April. In the forest near the entrance to the Butterfly Valley, the dancing butterflies can be seen everywhere. By car: exit from Fengyuan, 10, on a provincial highway (Road, Chiang Kai-shek) to Fengyuan, by 3 East power to the provincial town on the road could be potential Lin arrived in East forestry potential. About the whole 25 km. Ride: from Taichung, Fengyuan ride east of potential passenger Fengyuan; from Taipei, Taichung lishan Da Wang's Taiwan passenger steam; Taipei and the east of the West power stations are in the east under the power station. By Lin and powerful industry-step road about two hours can be The whole journey of about 8 kilometers, or ride east to the potential of the forest farm in Fengyuan passenger, three shifts a day. Fengyuan have direct access to the forest farm in Fengyuan passenger, three shifts a day.

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